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My Work

"My goal is to increase your awareness of who you are and where you are at in your story.  By learning more about who you are you can make more conscious choices, and likewise by knowing where you are in your life you can better direct your energy towards attaining the fulfillment you long for and the security you need." ~ DR

Teaching, lectures, workshops & presentations:

1978 Introductory Class, Foundation of Truth, Atlanta, GA
1979 AFA Convention Faculty, 'City of Atlanta Chart,' 'The Lunar Nodes'
1979 NASO Conference, "The Licensing Question,' Atl., GA
1980-83 Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes at The Daily Planets Astrology Center, Atlanta, GA
1986 'Cosmogenisis' a 5 Act Play, (writer, director) ACASHA Atlanta Community for Astrological Sciences and Humanistic Arts
1987-88 Advanced Astrology Classes - MAAS Atlanta, GA
1990 'The Moon' 'your emotional body' lecture, MAAS, Atl.
        'Lunar Node Workshop' MAAS, Atl., GA
        AFA Convention 'The Lunar Nodes' Orlando, FL
        'Sex, Innuendo, & Astrological I Told You So's' MAAS
1991-92 'Be Your Own Astrologer' course, taught with co-instructor Jeff Jawer, Atlanta, GA
1993 Lunar Node Workshop, MAAS, Atlanta, GA
1995 The Practice of Astrology, 2 day workshop, MAAS
1996 Know Your Nodes lecture NCGR Los Angeles Chapter
        Know Your Nodes lecture, NCGR SF Bay Area
        Lunar Nodes 'keys to interpretation' NCGR SFBay Area
1998 Neptune & the Nature of Romantic Love - workshop, SF Bay Area, and MAAS, Atlanta, GA
        Lunar Nodes 'keys to interpretation'  South Bay   Astrological Society, San Jose, CA
2001-07 Akashic School of Astrology - online mentoring professional course as part of akashicuniversity.com
2004 Medical Astrology 'case histories' MAAS
2004-05 Advanced Interpretation Class, MAAS
2005 The Soul Purpose, Astrological Guild of Orlando, FL
2006 The Soul Purpose, Astrological Assoc. of St. Pete, FL

I am member of the following astrological organizations:

International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) www.isarastrology.com
Association For Astrological Networking Steering Committee Member - 2010 to Present (AFAN) www.afan.org
National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) www.geocosmic.org
Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) www.professional-astrology.org
American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) www.astrologers.com

In addition to the organizations listed above, I also recommend the following sites and astrologers:

Maria Desimone astrologybymaria@aol.com
Jeff Jawer www.stariq.com
Moses Siregar www.astrologyforthesoul.com
Noel Tyl www.noeltyl.com
Steven Forrest www.stevenforrest.com
Sarah Lyons www.sarahlyons.net/home.html
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