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Following nearly 6 years of study, with such teachers as Rosemary Jones in Atlanta, GA, and Vickie Green in Virginia Beach, VA, I successfully completed the Atlanta Board of Astrologers qualifying exam in Nov. 1975, and began my practice in Jan. 1976.  By 1978 my full-time practice supported me without additional income.  I was fortunate that my initial interest in astrology in 1970 began in Atlanta in an atmosphere that fostered serious study and professionalism.  Local astrologers worked with city officials to establish an Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners (ABAE) that administered a 7 hour written exam. In 1978 Mayor Maynard Jackson appointed me to the ABAE where I served until 1982.  (Pictured above to the right).

Early in 1980, astrologer Jeff Jawer and I opened an astrology center called The Daily Planets, which we owned and operated until the summer of 1983.  In addition to consultations we offered courses, classes and workshops, hosting astrologers like Bil Tierney, Phillip Sedgwick, Buz Myers, and Marcia Starck.  For Jeff and I this experience provided us with an opportunity to practice astrology in a very public and intensive way 6 days a week.  For me the core of my practice was established in these pivotal years.

During this time I was the astrologer on Good Morning Atlanta on WSB TV, an ABC affiliate, the first station to broadcast a weekly "cosmic forecast" as a regular feature of a morning news program.

This TV experience led to years of radio and TV, culminating in a live local weekly TV show called  "Astrology Today" 1990-93.  In all public media I presented the professional side of astrology, in contrast to the "entertainment astrology" usually seen.

With my astrology practice continuing to be my main focus and livelihood, I moved to Los Angeles in 1995, where I also wrote 6 screenplays and the first draft of The Soul Purpose in 1998-99.  I moved back to Atlanta in 2000, and published the first edition of The Soul Purpose in 2003.  

Since 2004 I've operated my Atlanta practice from my Glenlake Parkway office, and served on the local level as VP of the Metro Atlanta Astrological Society from 2005-07, and as President of MAAS 2007-2008.  In the fall of 2008 I wrote a revised 2nd edition of The Soul Purpose, published in March 2009.

(For more information on my lecture and workshop history, go to My Work on this website.)
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